Big Data, Data Analytics and Quality Reporting

BIG DATA, DATA ANALYTICS and quality reporting

Data is at the forefront of decision making, however traditional data management processes are struggling with the emergence of big data. New sources of information, the variety of data available and the speed with which it is created have changed the very landscape of data management. Organizations are presented with the challenge of managing the combination of structured and unstructured data and identifying what information is relevant and critical to decision making.

Our integrated solutions help organizations process, identify, capture, store, manage and secure mission critical information. Advanced analytic tools facilitate the efficient management of big data by providing accurate information and actionable insights. This enables a deeper understanding of trends critical to decision making, time sensitive data management and the delivery of organizational efficiencies.

General Dynamics Information Technology combines 40 years of data management experience and a vendor-neutral approach to deliver solutions that meet our clients’ missions.

  • Intelligence and predictive analysis
  • Cyber security
  • Social media sentiment analysis
  • Claims and tax fraud detection
  • Fraud, waste and abuse
  • Quality measurement, performance and payment services
  • Asset management and logistics 

Case Studies

National Health Service (NHS) Calculating Quality Reporting Service: General Dynamics Information Technology is supporting the UK National Health Service to develop the new Calculating Quality Reporting Service (CQRS) solution for calculating healthcare quality measures and performance-based payments for General Practitioners (GPs). The CQRS implementation will bring the NHS to the forefront in pay-for-performance practices and will provide the NHS with a more flexible solution that calculates GP achievements and payments.