Service Delivery Modernization

Service Delivery Modernization

General Dynamics Information Technology recognizes that service modernization is a key priority for government, triggered both by increasing citizen service demands and infrastructure modernization imperatives.  We support the Canadian public sectors’ commitment to provide IT infrastructure and services that lay the foundation for modernized service delivery for government and Crown corporations. 

Multi-channel shifts

Growing public demand for wider access to services, coupled with increasing customer expectations to deliver quality service at a more efficient cost basis has led to a shift in customer interaction channels. General Dynamics Information Technology’s Customer Relationship Management solutions support multi-channel access that promotes the migration of customer interactions to preferred and more cost-effective channels for delivery. We work with our customers to implement new technologies, processes and service delivery models that improve citizen interaction with government and Crown corporations. General Dynamics Information Technology works closely with clients to transform business operations while innovating service delivery, modernizing IT infrastructure and leveraging technology to deliver results. 

Case Studies

Pentagon IT & Communications Infrastructure Renovation: General Dynamics Information Technology led the modernization of the Pentagon’s IT and communications infrastructure. The Basement-Consolidated Server Room (B-CSR) is the first Pentagon data center to provide enterprise management services and remote server configuration capabilities. Through advanced network switching and system virtualization, the B-CSR migrated data from 26,500 legacy servers to 3,200 blade servers and freed up more than 40,000 square feet of space allocated to legacy server rooms for Pentagon tenant agencies. 

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): General Dynamics Information Technology planned, designed and implemented the relocation of the NOAA data centers and satellite ground systems, many of which are classified as U.S. national critical assets, to a new NOAA Satellite Operations Facility (NSOF). We managed all aspects of the data center migration, from site inspection and preparation to equipment de-installation, transfer and re-installation.