Measuring Population Health

General Dynamics Information Technology’s analytics service enables healthcare leaders to assess the health of populations within large, complex healthcare systems by pairing demographic information with condition indicators, utilization metrics, quality measures, risk scores and gaps in care. By merging information from multiple models, our analytics solutions link:

  • Condition information from episodes of care, diagnostic cost groups, quality measures and external sources 
  • Risk evaluation from diagnostic cost groups, episode severity, gaps in care and biometrics
  • Quality measures from national and international standards that can be extended with any number of additional measures

Our ability to merge all of this disparate information fosters a consolidated view of a population. This enables adjustments to population metrics for improved comparisons to benchmarks, and presents actionable information for quality of care improvement. Our open approach to models, groupers and benchmarks allows our customers to:

  • Monitor the risks and health within various patient populations
  • Evaluate the impact of health and wellness programs, and benefit changes on populations
  • Create baselines for evaluating the performance of physicians
  • Establish recommendations and guidelines for health and wellness programs